Past is regret, I flashed from the genesis
If I didn't care what my friends did
Friends will pretend in the end when you get big

please look at my terrible sheep, starring battering ram, dolly, and sleep sheep!

you could tell i was getting more and more invested in drawing them after battering ram lmao, i should probably return to her at some point

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i caved and made a fursona, here he is with an old book he dug out of a dumpster or something (his name is mag)

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"Don't tell me you threw him in the river. Again."

"He made fun of my ears!"

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cringetober day 7 - "victorian" fashion

i can only assume they meant japanese lolita style
but yeah this was an old 2019 drawing i repurposed and somewhat facelifted

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I feel bad for not finishing the hallunar night special but I haven't drawn hardly anything else since I lost momentum with it because I felt so guilty for not being able to finish it. I drew something for the first time in weeks last night and I felt so relieved and also really bad at the same time and realized that I need to just stop being stubborn and call it quits for the hallunar event

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Announcing Inkwell


Hello friends,

As some of you might have heard by now, AO3 has gone down a very dark path as of late, alowing users to write and upload sexual content of real, underage people. This is a significantly different matter from allowing it of characters from anime and such, but, from what AO3 staff have said, it's sanctioned. (TW on those links for pedophilia).

So, I'm here to announce today an acceleration of my existing plans, and introduce you to Inkwell!

What's Inkwell?
Inkwell is a writing site, in a similar vein to AO3, with a few core differences.

What kind of stuff can be posted on Inkwell?
Fiction and writing projects of all kinds, including essays, character analyses, chaarcter profiles for your OCs etc. Original works, not tied to any existing fandom, are very welcome!

What stuff can't be posted?
Sexual content involving characters aged under 18, or stuff involving real people. Anything else is a go.

How will it integrate with Waterfall?
The plan as of write now is that you can post writing on Inkwell, and then, if you want to, cross-post it to Waterfall using a fancy button on the site. Then, it'll make a nice, pre-formatted special kind of art post for you that links to the site. Partly because the Waterfall format isn't amazing for long-form writing, and partly because Inkwell can have some formatting options that WF can't support. This forms the writing upgrade to Art posts.

The slip in the first sentence wasn't intentional but I'm keeping it because it's funny

When will it be available?
I need a short break for a mental reset from WF, so I'm actively working on this right now. Beta could be up within a couple of days - Patrons ( hint hint) may get early access with everyone else being let in later, if they don't vote to release it to everyone immediately.

Why though?
AO3 has started allowing people to upload sexual content involving real minors. I think we can agree we need somewhere else now.

Yes, this is another spite project, though it was also planned months ago.

When will it be available?
It'll be available for patrons to beta test in the nexrt few days. Once we've worked out the major bugs, it'll go public.

Will the site defend our right to write fanworks as much as AO3?
Yes. I'll do everything in my power to protect the users of the site and, if I am being pressured about a certain work, that user will be notified as soon as possible in private so we can work together on the matter.

What sort of features will it have?
If AO3 has it, Inkwell will have it. It'll just take a little time, especially the tagging system - but we will get there.

Feel free to hop in the Discord to discuss!

Maps, in order: Default | Trade routes | Religious sects | Climates

Information about the world below the cut.

Astroria is a planet I started creating and working on well back in 2016. It's a planet somewhat similar to Earth, with a combination of fantasy and sci-fi. There is (or, was) heavily advanced technology, some so advanced that it allowed people to biologically change their bodies, grafting on and surgically adding new body parts that were fully functional. (Think of wings, tails, extra eyes, extra limbs, extraneous features like horns or spikes.)

There is also a magical side to the world, that any person living on Astroria can access and interact with. It's somewhat similar to Eragon, where magic is simply cast with will and energy. The difference is that Astrorian magic requires special objects known as "casts," which can be made of various materials to induce certain elements. These casts are engraved with different runes, depending on what their intent is.

Over the past few generations, Astroria has moved from having a largely scientifically-oriented society to being far more magically-oriented. This is due to a massive, rampant disease that started causing horrible damage to people who indulged in the opportunity to modify their bodies. The only solution that was found was through magic healing, and most people chose to shun it following the disaster, and didn't tell their descendants about it. There are still old laboratories scattered across the world, holding plenty of technology, research, and information from those days, though they are abandoned and decrepit.

[id: a drawing of catra hugging kirby. catra has curly hair and is wearing her final horde outfit. she is sitting hunched over with her legs crossed, pressing her cheek against kirby's head. kirby is wearing catra's magicat headpiece and is smiling at her with his arms up. they are on a soft purple and blue background. end id.]

weird soft pink cuddly thing

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Was in a Dorian mood, so I made a random illustration and designed what I imagine a Magister outfit to be ✨

Art by bograbbit on tumblr

Commission Post for bograbbit (tumblr)

I commissioned someone for a wedding picture of Elias, Ama, and Chiharu (their flower girl!) I can't believe I forgot to post it here (with permission) since it's been a month since he's drawn it for me.


I just want to reblog this here so i can properly gush about how much I love this TvT

Yall look how good this is. Chiharu is so happy and the flowers look so pretty and Ama's stunning and Elias looks so handsome and he's giving her the sweetest look I'm just over the moon with how good this turned out (also I'm a little biased cause like, Ama and Elias are one of my favorite couples from Ad Mire right now cause I have a lot of their relationship planned out)

Time to catch up on artfight posting!

This character belongs to @UnidentifiedBlog and is revenge I owed for their piece last year!

More Helnu. Cause he's the thing people seem to wanna see on my sm accounts.

i was commissioned to draw these two cuties ;u;

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I finally was able to go back to work on monday and then wednesday (off for veteran's day) I got such a massive migraine that I puked and was out for like 5-6 hours. Which extended into thursday, even though I felt better in the morning, and I ended up having to leave early (nevermind my boss making me stay for two more hours, despite me asking to leave but whatever). And apparently it's not just a migraine, I'm also sick??? I had a fever thursday and friday night and now i might be out for the next two weeks because of our COVID protocol.

I'm also moving in december and transferring to an online college at the start of the year, and everything is just so much right now. I feel overwhelmed to the point of not being able to do ANYTHING. I haven't even had the motivation to hook up my art tablet to my computer in like a week

Hallunar Special Day 20

Magician Carter and their partner, Zorro Knox!

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Children NPCs of Ad Mire

The children of the Mire will eventually get full character sheets for each of their age groups, but for now these are their generalized age sheets.

  • Chiharu

    • A 7-year-old girl at the start of Ad Mire. She lives with Ama and Elias at the Clinic due to her asthma. She loves to read, write, and create stories. Her best friend is Fae. She is eventually adopted by Ama and/or Elias.
    • As a teenager, she will begin to work at the Library.
    • As an adult, she continues to work at the Library, and moves into a home with Fae.
  • Fae

    • A 6-year-old girl at the start of Ad Mire. She lives at the Orphanage and is completely mute. She prefers to communicate through sign language (which the player can learn) but will begrudgingly write things out if necessary. Her best friend is Chiharu. She is eligible for adoption by the player until she turns 18.
    • As a teenager, she will begin to work at the Clinic.
    • As an adult, she continues to work at the Clinic, and moves into a home with Chiharu.
  • Gailen

    • A 4-year-old boy at the start of Ad Mire. He lives with his family, Levi and Nana, at the Pantry. He starts as a shy and quiet boy, but very quickly becomes a rebellious child and does what he can to stand out from the rest of his family. He and his brother rarely see eye-to-eye, but they still have a good relationship. He tags along with Omar and Riley the most.
    • As a teenager, he will begin to work at the Tailor Shop.
    • As an adult, he continues to work at the Tailor shop, and moves into Omar and Riley's home.
  • Montrell

    • An 11-year-old boy at the start of Ad Mire. He lives at the Orphanage. He is a hopeful boy who believes that his family is still out there and will come get him one day. He struggles with the idea that this might not be true. His best friend is Willow. He is eventually adopted by Quinn and/or Sequoia.
    • As a teenager, he will begin to work at the Carpenter Shop.
    • As an adult, he continues to work at the Carpenter Shop, and moves into a home with Willow.
  • Omar

    • A 7-year-old boy at the start of Ad Mire. He lives at the Orphanage and is very energetic. He is always looking for approval from the adults in his life, as well as from his friends. His best friend is Riley. He is eligible for adoption by the player until he turns 18.
    • As a teenager, he will begin to work at the Butcher Shop.
    • As an adult, he continues to work at the Butcher Shop, and moves into a home with Riley.
  • Riley

    • An 8-year-old boy at the start of Ad Mire. He lives with his family, Emilio, Carter, and Emilia, at the Farmhouse. He helps out with chores around the farm and likes to play with the other kids. He has been missing part of his right arm for as long as he can remember. His best friend is Omar.
    • As a teenager, he will begin to work at the General Store.
    • As an adult, he continues to work at the General Store, and moves into a home with Omar.
  • Willow

    • A 12-year-old girl at the start of Ad Mire. She lives at the Orphanage, and has trouble with her past. She lives there because Quinn took her from her mother, who was not a good woman. She loves nature and trees, and spending time with Montrell. She has a hard time trusting adults, but is eventually adopted by Rurik and Yarina.
    • As a teenager, she will begin to work at Emilio's Farm.
    • As an adult, she continues to work at Emilio's Farm, and moves into a home with Montrell.
    • EDIT: I had originally given Willow a tooth gap because I thought it would look cute. Although I didn't know this previously, that is a common racist trope (to give asian characters crooked, buck, or gap teeth). Her teeth are now straight and I will probably give the tooth gap to another character.

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As a heads up I might not bother with getting the full CM working for 1.0, it needs rethinking/redesigning

May end up just scrapping it tbh


I'm getting a little flak for this in my inbox already, so here's the explanation post.

Over the existence of the CM, it has made Waterfall $20. That's $2 a month. Waterfall costs $620 a month to run, and that's not factoring in stuff like paying myself. Considering the number of commissions and messages, that seemed low so I checked. The answer as to WHY it's so low, it turns out, is artists telling people to pay through personal PayPal stuff instead.

By rights, this is a site ban. It's in the TOS, don't try and move payment off site. The problem is, pretty much every artist using the CM is telling people to do it. Many cite the 5% fee as the reason. A few go on a speil about how I'm exploiting artists or whatever (we'll ignore the flip side of that where those artists are exploiting me by using the site as a free listing). This is even after we lowered it from 10%.

I cannot stress how little money Waterfall makes. I am relying on this to survive, and it doesn't even come close to covering my bills. So really saying "I don't want them to have that 25 cents" (actually closert to three cents since we pay your transaction fees) is a pretty big slap in the face. I'm sure I don't need to go into basic economics here and explain how this also, over time, increases the likelihood of the site dying because I can't afford to run it anymore.

So this leaves me in a situation where I'm assuming all the risk of something going wrong, and getting absolutely nothing in return. I hate to break it to you but like. This is a business thing. Waterfall is a commercial venture that, as I said, I am relying on to get me the income eventually to survive on. This is not a charity, and the CM is not intended to be a free listing for you. It's intended to get me a little passive income for assuming some of the risk for you and helping you find clients.

I've put in two years pretty much full time and took on crippling debt to make this happen, all while not charging to use the site like Pillowfort or whatever. So when this is happening, I have to step back and ask myself "Objectively, is the CM worth it? Does the income from it make sense with the fact you'll have to spend time mediating disputes, bugfixing, and liasing with PayPal and Stripe?"

Right now the answer is just a hard no. I'm out of money, so unless there's a sudden massive attitude shift, which I've learnt I can't really count on, the CM just doesn't make sense to finish up.

Hence, it might be scrapped. Will it? I dunno, we all know I'm a fucking idiot and work on stuff that probably won't pay off. But objectively, from a "I literally have a personal net worth of negative five figures right now from how much I've invested into Waterfall" perspective, bothering with it is a really bad idea.

Hallunar Special Day 18

The whole orphanage gang is here! From left to right we have Fae (a spider), Omar (a tiger), Quinn (a clown), Sequoia (a mummy), Montrell (the head half of a horse), and Willow (the tail half of a horse). Willow's a little upset over having to be the tail, and Quinn has a silly pranky for Sequoia!

The speedpaint is available to my patrons on Patreon!

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pinkwitchpunk asked:

are any of your OCs from the OC lineup from the same universe? (I'm particularly interested in the human ones!)


oh damn! sorry for replying so late im literally never on here lol

so my oc lineup is from 3 different stories (the first two "lineups" are the same characters but different forms i guess?)

the first one is from a magic world story that ive had since i was 12 that ive since rewritten (it was basically a mix between harry potter, monster high and carry on by rainbow rowell) that was about a magical school where monsters and magicians would study magic in. the original story took place in those school years and was pretty YA novel average. the rewritten story takes place AFTER, where the main character lives with her love interest and her school friends (lol) and tries to cope with losing her powers and sight. ive done a lot of worldbuilding but tbh i only made it so i could put my monster ocs in there

the second one is from a futuristic world where humans have abandoned earth and have managed to live their life on HUGE spaceships (inspired by wall-e). it takes place a couple of centuries after humans have established contact with other lifeforms and built colonies on some planets. the plot is basically "we are a group of rebels trying to overtake the evil capitalistic man who controls the ship (and also found family along the way)" if i ever make a sequel its definitely gonna be about destroying the colonies (cause that shit is definitely shady too). the main character is an overly cheery alien who accidentally boarded the ship and stumbled upon the rebellion :)

the third one are just my homestuck fantrolls and tbh im thinking of just erasing them cause theyre not interesting at all

thank you so much for this ask! ive never gotten an ask about my ocs before :o


oh my god those sound amazing! not to ignore the magic one (because it also sounds very interesting and I love the premise you just explained) or your trolls (love those funky little trolls) but SPACE BABES???? I cannot stress enough how much I adore futuristic stuff, especially rebellion and setting it post-establishment of the scifi world (cause sure, first contact is interesting but the integration of alien societies into our worldview is EVEN BETTER and the world build potential????????)

just thinking of this futuristic world is making me vibrate in place from excitement I love your characters and their setting!!!